Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous Update #34

Following a few months of silence, we get a new Kickstarter update for Stirring Dragon Games' old-school Commodore 64-inspired RPG Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous. The update brings us up to speed with a series of unfortunate setbacks in the game's development but lets us know that the current plan is to launch Unknown Realm within a year regardless. Apart from that, we get a bit of a progress update and an overview of the so-called “Mystery Feelie” program.

A few snippets:

Hi Folks!

Yes, we are still here (rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated) and as promised we are posting an update to give you a little insight into some of the things happening around here and where we’re headed.

The last year was pretty rough for us personally and professionally. The good news is that despite Bruce getting his left hand smashed in a tailgate, damaging his right shoulder, and his main development system experiencing a total meltdown (motherboard fried...thankfully no data loss), we've been pressing on with Unknown Realm development through these and other challenges.

Music Update

A few have asked about the status of the soundtrack…here’s a little info about where we’re at with that. The soundtrack is not complete yet. The hybrid-soundtrack for Unknown Realm presents some unique difficulties which has made it challenging to get each version of each individual track completed to the standards we’ve set for this game. The soundtrack requires more work and we need more music than we originally expected, so we're looking for creative solutions to that challenge.


The Journey Onward...

As of right now, our current plan is to have the digital game released within a year. This is not an official launch date announcement, but we wanted to share with you the target we are working towards taking into account our current circumstances. Assuming we can financially find a way to continue working on the game full time, we believe this is a realistic estimate based on the outstanding tasks we have left to complete. This may require some strategic out-of-the-box thinking on our part, but our objective will always be to find a way to keep the lights on at Stirring Dragon Games so we can keep making games.

Everything we have seen and heard about this project over the last two years indicates to us that Unknown Realm connects with people on a deep emotional level. Positive or negative, the strong emotional responses that we get about this game give us hope that we are working on something special that is still worth fighting for. Our development path since Kickstarter ended has definitely not gone the way we originally envisioned it, but we are still here and will always be grateful to those that continue to stick with us on this journey.

Until next time,

Laura & Bruce