Pathfinder: Kingmaker Patch v1.3 Open Beta Live

Yesterday, Owlcat Games released Arcane Unleashed, a new free DLC for Pathfinder: Kingmaker. And if the DLC's assortment of new magic-related options is not enough to lure you back into the Stolen Lands, you can now also participate in an open beta for Kingmaker's upcoming v1.3 patch. The beta patch notes that list changes and improvements to the game's areas, quests, kingdom management, classes, items, UI, and more ended up being so extensive, they had to be split into two separate Steam announcements (Part 1 and Part 2). Here are the highlights and you take things from there:

Patch Highlights:
  • New feature: you can now enter the Global Map straight from your throne room. No need to run through the capital every time you're leaving the castle anymore!
  • Added new icons for items, books, letters and notes.
  • Added new visual effects for spells such as Boneshaker, Telekinetic Fist, Thorn Body, Molten Orb, Dominate Animal and others, as well as improved some of the existing ones.
  • Added ASUS Aura integration.
  • Several interface improvements:
    • resources on the global map will now show which region they are located in and whether the player can already claim them,
    • the tooltips for kingdom stats will reflect which advisor governs which stat,
    • pets' stats will always be shown in the inventory and the character sheet, to the right of the pet's owner,
    • character sheet will now show the damage dealt by additional attacks with equipped weapons, such as those gained through high BAB and special abilities,
    • a weapon's description will display the damage that the chosen character is going to deal with it,
    • the articles inside main sections of the encyclopedia will be sorted alphabetically,
    • multiple improvements to the spellbook interface, including metamagic, opposing schools, specialization and domain slots, etc.
  • Fixed around 500 typos.
  • Numerous improvements to visuals, animations, audio, and localizations.