Anthem - “Conviction” Trailer Now Live

Neill Blomkamp's “Conviction” trailer for BioWare's upcoming co-operative action-RPG Anthem is now live. If you're interested in watching a live-action short set in Anthem's universe and filled with mysterious strangers, explosive action, and beautiful environments, you should check it out:

You may also be interested in this article on EA's website that introduces a number of notable actors lending their voices to Anthem's characters. A couple of examples:

Vik Sahay as Matthias Sumner

Matthias Sumner is equal parts explorer, researcher, and survivor – an Arcanist whose talent for field research on shaper technology is unsurpassed. And Vik Sahay is the man whose voice and performance brings this multifaceted character to life.

Known for his scene-stealing role of Lester Patel on the series Chuck, Vik Sahay is lauded for his range and playfulness as an actor. It’s these qualities that Vik brings to Matthias, and which really bring him to life in every interaction.

“He is many things. He is pioneering. He is risk-taking. He’s intelligent, innovative, and playful. All these things live in him at once,” Vik says about Matthias. “He’s got an appetite for learning the instruments that he believes shaped our universe. He grew up an orphan, he didn’t have an identity and he had to survive. And I think that opened up in him for the pursuit of the meaning of life.”

TJ Ramini as Owen Corley

Owen Corley is an incredibly-talented cypher whose adventurous spirit and self-reliance get him into trouble almost as often as they get him back out of it. And bringing life to your cypher through performance capture and voice-acting is the equally quick and witty TJ Ramini.

As a corrupt cop on British TV drama The Bill, an inexorable Special Forces operative on NCIS and a conflicted Presidential Bodyguard on 24, Ramini has played many mavericks in his career. Characters who bristle at authority come very naturally to TJ (a fact the quick-witted Brit would be the first to admit), and it’s that outsider energy he brings to Owen that makes him such an engaging character.

“I respect his ambition,” says Ramini. “Owen wants to be the best, already considers himself to be the best. He probably is, to be fair to him.” But that ambition takes a toll. “He is on such a quest for what he wants that sometimes he puts his own needs and desires ahead of others. Again, because of his immaturity and his blind ambition. It’s called blind ambition for a reason.”