Divinity: Original Sin II Available on Mac Devices, New Patch Live

The definitive edition of Larian Studios' turn-based RPG Divinity: Original Sin II is now available on Mac devices. The macOS version supports some Mac-specific features but can still be palyed in co-op with the Windows version. And on top of that, the game has also received a new patch that fixes a good number of minor issues and makes it so you can't polymorph the Kraken into a chicken.

Some additional details:

Hi Everyone,

The wait for Mac gamers is over, as Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition is now available on Mac devices! It is the first title on macOS to support HDR (on selected hardware, 10.14+ only) and has new features especially for Mac such as full MacBook TouchBar support for quick access to in-game actions (such as the journal or map), as well as MacBook trackpad and selected gestures support.

In the spirit of adventure, players will be able to enjoy cross play between Windows and macOS, so long as both players have the same version.

Happy travels through Rivellon!

-Larian Crew

And the latest patch notes:

Hi Everyone,

The latest update for Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition is now live!

We’ve a few changes: the placement of eggs in Wrecker’s Cave has been addressed, some issues with GM mode have been fixed, and pickpocketing someone in Fort Joy no longer means you can’t talk to NPCs. Also, there’s no more playing chicken with the Kraken as it’s now immune to Chicken Form.

Safe travels through Rivellon!

-Larian Crew

Full patch notes below:

  • The Kraken is now immune to Chicken Form to avoid breaking certain animations
  • Cursor-Focused Movement is enabled by default when creating a profile
  • The Resurrection Idol can be chosen only once, and henchmen can no longer do the related quest
  • Teleporter Pyramids are no longer removed from the inventory after the Wellspring is destroyed
  • Targh now has the Troll Blood status
  • Crispin no longer joins combat with NPCs
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a crash when loading savegames that were made with preset mods enabled
  • Fixed a rare crash related to using a Razer keyboard and trying to connect to host in multiplayer
  • Fixed a crash when using Magic Mirror from Active Search as the second player in split screen
  • Fixed a crash when loading a save or starting new campaign in Simplified or Traditional Chinese
  • Fixed a crash happening when using a gamepad to close the level-up confirmation message
  • Fixed an issue with lobbies timing out instead of closing when the host leaves
  • Fixed status modifiers on weapons disappearing after saving and loading
  • Fixed some corpses not showing up as Empty after getting looted
  • Fixed summons occasionally spawning without the correct buff on stats
  • Fixed incorrect party alignments when attacking Tarquin
  • Fixed Dallis’ dragon transformation when leaving Fort Joy
  • Fixed Dallis not having the correct weapons in later acts if defeated at Fort Joy
  • Fixed the Vault of Braccus Rex quest not closing correctly after Act One
  • Fixed the Burning Pigs quest not closing when all pigs are killed
  • Fixed Mona’s reaction to her Diseased status being healed in certain conditions
  • Fixed being able to avoid combat with Andras after leaving the Crypt
  • Fixed the corpse in the elven encampment being moveable
  • Fixed an issue with the placement of eggs in Wrecker’s Cave
  • Fixed an issue with missing trap feedback on the Source Bridge
  • Fixed the crafting menu not closing after combining a Broken Lever with a Silver Level Shaft
  • Fixed another player being able to receive the reward for the Murderous Gheist quest while in a different party
  • Fixed ghosts’ behaviour after the ritual is stopped in Ryker’s Mansion
  • Fixed Sebille not leaving with Shadow Prince after Mother Tree is killed
  • Fixed the reactions of kids and Ryker’s servants to being pickpocketed
  • Fixed Barin not fleeing the scene after being teleported to the boat
  • Fixed an issue with the Evasion Aura skill status icon appearing infinitely
  • Fixed characters never ending their turn if provoked on a hazardous surface
  • Fixed Sebille refusing to teach the scar song despite having a good relationship with the player
  • Fixed the Mask of the Shapeshifter not working in the epilogue
  • Fixed the possibility of getting stuck in an endless fight with Beast during the epilogue
  • Fixed the map marker not being highlighted when the player clicks ‘On Map’ in the journal
  • Fixed the assault on the Lady Vengeance quest occasionally being completed even if all playable characters are dead
  • Fixed an issue where cancelling lockpicking with the controller caused players to leave stealth
  • Fixed an issue with the display map showing up as black when a second player joined an ongoing session in split screen
  • Fixed issues caused in the final fight if an ally is encumbered
  • Fixed an issue with skill casting not cancelling when dismissing a tutorial popup
  • Fixed Time Warp giving two extra turns instead of one when used during a delayed turn
  • Fixed an issue with crafting poisoned food and drinks using objects that are already poisoned
  • Fixed a rare issue with being unable to join the fight for Divinity when loading savegames
  • Fixed shapeshifted Fane being unable to solve the puzzle in Lucian’s Tomb
  • Fixed Beast being unable to fight in ambushes if the player doesn’t speak to him at the start of Act Two
  • Fixed Source Puppets getting stuck in an incorrect state after being summoned
  • Fixed a feedback issue when trying to identify objects with insufficient AP
  • Fixed the journal entry for A Lizard Nightmare quest
  • Fixed an issue with two Ascending companions not entering combat if the player chooses to not become a new Divine
  • Fixed Wind-up Toys spawning twice after the wedding cake is attacked
  • Fixed a rare issue with Waypoints becoming unusable in Honour Mode
  • Fixed an issue with player characters sometimes getting stuck in dialogue mode
  • Fixed Gareth not appearing on the Lady Vengeance if all the Seekers are killed in Fort Joy
  • Fixed the content menus in crafting not appearing if the player interacts with an object or NPC while it’s open
  • Fixed the player character losing the ability to speak to NPCs after pickpocketing someone in Fort Joy
  • Fixed Alexandar sometimes getting stuck at Fort Joy’s gates and not appearing at the end of Act One
  • GM: Fixed a crash related to changing atmosphere when four clients are connected
  • GM: Updated books containing placeholder text at the start of The Dark Eye campaign
  • GM: Fixed stats for the Source Titan
  • GM: Fixed several minor gameplay issues in The Dark Eye campaign
  • GM: Fixed camera bounds on the Demon Ark in The Dark Eye campaign
  • GM: Fixed containers not opening and closing correctly in certain situations
  • GM: Fixed issues with the GM’s ability to add and move items in character inventories
  • GM: Fixed hotkeys for Skill Panel, World Map, and journal when possessing a creature
  • GM: Fixed the display of skills in the Spellbook after selecting monster skills
  • GM: Fixed an issue with the level loading incorrectly for the first player if they confirm in Character Creation but the second player leaves the game
  • GM: Fixed an issue with opening the Custom Stats tab with a gamepad
  • Fixed an issue with text overlapping and getting cut-off in German and Russian
  • Fixed minor issues in dialogue and text
  • Fixed several incorrect or missing icons for objects and talents
  • Fixed minor issues with skill casting effects and animations
  • Fixed missing or incorrect portraits for several NPCs
  • Fixed many interface readability, usability, and control issues
  • Fixed minor texture and item placement issues
  • Fixed certain animation and pathfinding issues
  • Fixed several minor sound issues