BattleTech Update #59 - Patch v1.4.0 Available

The latest Kickstarter update for Harebrained Schemes' BattleTech informs us that the game has received a new patch that improves its performance, adds some quality of life stuff, and introduces the French, German, and Russian localizations. The update also lets us know that the fourth and final BattleTech novella by Michael Stackpole should now be available for the eligible backers.

Here are the actual patch notes:

  • Localized versions of BATTLETECH - French, German, and Russian players, rejoice! BATTLETECH has now officially moved out of the localization beta and into a full release! We’ve implemented an increased number of translations, and improved translation accuracy.
  • UI improvements - We’ve removed excess symbols and fixed many occurances of text truncation/bleeding and incorrect line breaks for text in all languages.
  • Fixed the splash screen delay that some users experienced and reported.
  • Some conversation and narrative text was updated for clarity.
  • Updated tree placement around hexes so that players can navigate to forest positions more easily.
  • The player is now notified about reputation requirements for events.
  • Fixed an issue with video settings not saving in fullscreen or windowed modes.
  • Player ‘Mechs are no longer submerged in deep water.
  • Fixed store issues that prevented some players from selling items in Ironman career mode.
  • Fixed functionality with the Big Steel Claw that prevented players from selling and storing it.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause the wrong follow-up event to trigger after completing Operation: Flattened Earth.
  • Flashpoint owners can now play multiplayer games against non-Flashpoint owners.
  • Fixed issues with enemy ‘Mechs getting stuck in geometry when spawning outside the map in some combat missions.
  • Fixed an audio issue with turret generator destruction in Target Acquisition missions.
  • “Spore Cloud” debuff icon is now present in the jungle biome.
  • Dropships that fly in at the end of the Steel Beast Flashpoint land correctly and no longer float above the map.
  • Fixed issues with UI card on the star map for the Kurita Alliance Flashpoint.
  • Fixed the Mechwarrior VO played after successfully damaging an enemy structure.
  • Fixed UI issues with reputation icons and tooltips.
Known Issues
  • On rare occasions, a small amount of partly unlocalized mission objective text may appear in French, German, and Russian versions of the game.
  • Custom Mechwarrior callsigns and ‘Mech names may appear localized if the custom name is a word that is already used elsewhere in the game.
  • A desync notification may appear during rounds in Multiplayer if the Host and Guest use different decimal separators (e.g. English vs Russian, French, or German). However, clicking “Continue” will clear the notification, and the match can be finished.