Fallout 4 - Most Memorable Spots

If you're someone who enjoys exploring vast open spaces and stumbling onto a variety of unique locations along the way, Bethesda's open world RPGs should be right up your alley. This includes Fallout 4 that, according to this PC Gamer article, was positively packed with curious and odd points of interest. Here are a few examples:

Prost Bar

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. Prost Bar isn't that place because everybody is dead, but it's a pretty wonderful unmarked location if you watched TV in the 1980s (or if you watch '80s TV today). Prost Bar is a replica of the bar from the TV show Cheers, and the gang's all here if a wee-bit skeletonized. You'll find the corpses of Sam Malone, Cliff Claven, Norm (Norm!) and others at their usual spots.

There are some baseball posters (and baseball grenades) in Sam's office, celebrating his once-promising ballplaying career. You'll even find the rarely-shown pool room in the back, and you can collect Cliff's postman hat and take it with you. Prost, by the way, means "Cheers" in German.

Hubris Comics

This appears to be just a four-story building filled with ghouls, but it contains something very special. It's part of a quest that introduces you to The Silver Shroud, a fictional pre-war costumed crime-fighter. Listening to recordings of the Shroud's radio show will lead you to Hubris Comics where you can find The Silver Shroud's costume (a trench coat and hat) and a prop of his iconic submachine gun (which you can later exchange for a working one). There's also a number of comic books you can collect, but the real treat here is all the Silver Shroud gear.

Fully upgraded, the Silver Shroud costume will buff agility and perception, plus it just looks really cool and other NPCs will sometimes comment on it. Even better, when encountering the goofy 'supervillains' in Fallout 4, they'll have some unique lines of dialogue if you're dressed as the Shroud when you meet them.