Prey: Mooncrash - Typhon Hunter Update Trailer, Release Date Announced

The free asymmetrical multiplayer Typhon Hunter update for Prey's Mooncrash expansion will be going live in just a few days, on December 11, 2018. And if you'd like to learn more about the update's unusual game of cat and mimic, you should check out this announcement on Bethesda's website and watch this new trailer:

You can find some additional details below, including a few paragraphs about TranStar VR, an exclusive VR escape room mode coming to Prey alongside the Typhon Hunter update, because why not, I guess. Check it out:

The free multiplayer Typhon Hunter update to Prey: Mooncrash is just around the corner. On December 11, you’ll be able to experience the game in a completely new way – with other people! Take the tense, treacherous world of Prey, throw in some asymmetrical multiplayer, and you’ve got a recipe for some serious jump scares. In addition to Typhon Hunter, the TranStar VR escape room mode will also be available on December 11. Check out the new Typhon Hunter trailer, and get more details on the new modes below.


Imagine playing hide-and-seek. Now, imagine that your friends who are hiding from you are actually killer aliens. That’s the new Typhon Hunter multiplayer mode. One person hops into a match as Morgan Yu, and up to five others will play as shape-shifting Mimics. When your opponent can transform into nearly any object in your world, even the most mundane thing is a potential threat.

Each match begins with a period of prep time that the Mimic players can use to strategize, hide or prepare for an ambush. After that, the hunt is on. Morgan’s goal is simple: Kill all the Mimics before the time runs out, using only a Wrench or Pistol. The Mimics must stay alive however they can. They can stay hidden and wait it out, or they can try to take Morgan down.

Going on the offensive is risky for the Mimics, as they only have one life. But killing Morgan runs down the clock and gives the Mimics a bit of time to regroup while they wait for Morgan to respawn. As the Mimics, you’ll be able to use the environment to confound and surround the opposing player. There are endless strategies and places to hide in familiar Talos I locations like the Yellow Tulip Karaoke Bar or Morgan’s office.

Typhon Hunter will also be playable in VR, which will release as a free update to the game in early 2019.


TranStar VR is a single-player escape room mode designed exclusively for VR, and it is included in the Typhon Hunter update. Set just days before the events of Prey, TranStar VR puts you in the shoes of various TranStar employees, solving puzzles in some of the most memorable locations on Talos I. Each map will have its own unique story and objective.


Play as Morgan Yu in this map, testing a prototype for a new invention called the Nullwave Device. This device may be the key to protecting humanity from the Typhon aliens, but you’ll need to use all the available scientific gadgetry in the correct sequence to get it working.


In the Sim Labs you are Dr. Calvino, the genius behind the Looking Glass technology. It’s with this tech that you will convince Morgan Yu he is still in his apartment on Earth – but there are some kinks to work out and you’re the only person who can fix them.


As Abigail Foy, you receive a message from Danielle Sho asking you to meet her at the Yellow Tulip after hours. But the Yellow Tulip is empty when you arrive, and all you can find is a mysterious sequence of clues and puzzles for you to follow. Who knows what’s really waiting for you?

As an added bonus, the TranStar VR mode also grants you VR access to the expanded TranStar Museum, inspired by the museum in the Talos I lobby. From spacesuits and Neuromods, to weapons and several Typhon aliens, this is your chance to get a very up-close-and-personal look at some of the most memorable props from the game. While in the museum, you can also take an interactive tour and learn about the history of TranStar and Talos I, all told through a TranStar lens, of course.