Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Update #85 - Technical Beta Phase Two Live

According to the latest Kickstarter update, the technical beta for SolarFall Games' hack 'n' slash action-RPG Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem has now entered its second phase and will be focusing on server stability from now on. Check out the update itself if you'd like to see some screenshots and get instructions on how to access the beta, and here's just an overview of the new features:

Phase 2 content

All the content from Phase 1 will be available, except for the cave dungeon that we replaced with a graveyard architecture from the Necropolis.

You can take a look at Phase 1 content here and here

New weapons

Shields, two-handed axes, daggers, and pistols come back in the game. Although shield and gun combination is not available for this phase, all other weapon combinations will work.

Tank armor

Along with the shields, you will also be able to loot the new tank armor!


All previous TB1 content still available, including uniques. Since we’re adding new weapons and combinations, it only seemed fair that we add more uniques to go with it![...]


As told at the beginning of the news, you will now be able to join a pending game, see your friend list and invite your friends in your group while you’re playing. In addition to this option, creatures are now scaled depending on the number of players in the group.

New creatures

We’re adding three specialists and one champion for this phase. The Beta Spitter, the Beta Screecher, the Animated Martyr and the Sadistic Thug will be joining the party!

Additional skills

4 skills are added in this version, and each of them has 4 Active Skill Tree options to improve efficiency.

Annihilation is the ancient Gaze of Ot-mah. This spell allows you to cast a channeled umbra ray to decimate your enemies.

Bulwark of Dawn is a new spell allowing you to heal yourself and your friends.

Arctic Spear if the ancient Frost lance, its mechanics have been improved.

Arrow Wail allows you to cast a rain of arrows on your foes.

The Archivist returns

The Archivist is waiting for you in Nowhere, he no longer sells skill books but Enneracts. Enneracts allow you to learn spells or skills, you can also sell them to the Archivist in exchange for Primordial Affinity. Primordial Affinity allows you, through the Archivist, to gain skill levels of your choosing.