Knights of the Chalice II November 2018 Update

This month's development update for Heroic Fantasy Games' upcoming RPG Knights of the Chalice II is short and to the point. It brings us up to speed with the game's current state, shares a number of fresh screenshots, and describes a possible new class that could act as a stretch goal for the game's upcoming Kickstarter campaign - the Arcanist. Check it out:

Here is a small update on the development of Knights of the Chalice 2. Well, I'm still working on content production. I need to save time, so I will just make a few comments and provide eight screenshots (please see below and click on a picture to enlarge it).

The first module, Augury of Chaos, now has three recruitable companions. I'm testing and fixing their dialogues now. After that, I've got to continue adding encounters to the High Sewers map.

Before joining the party, one of the recruitable companions will ask several questions about the party's goals and desires, and that companion's reaction will depend on the selected answers. I think that dialogues designed like a personality quiz can be very entertaining. The NPC does not need to reply to each specific answer, but each answer affects one or several scores that reflect your personality.

Maphistor, a tough demon that appeared in KotC 1, is back! It is optional content. If he appears, you can either ignore him, fight him or ally with him (and receive an artifact).

In the Creature Editor, I've added new buttons that allow you to create (and level-up) a new creature or companion using the same interface that you use when you start the game or level-up characters in-game. When you use this interface to create an NPC, you are limited to the Player-Character races and subraces.

As an additional KS stretch goal, I've thought about a new arcane caster class, possibly called Arcanist, who will get free metamagic feats at level 1 and zero spell-level cost for using all metamagic feats. All his spells can be maximised or empowered or widened for free. But he will have fewer daily spell slots than the Wizard, probably 3/3/2/2/2/2/2 by level 20, not including bonus spell slots from having a high Charisma.

That's it for now! January 2019 will be upon us in a flash, so I'm doing my best to complete the prologue adventure before doing anything else. Thank you for reading!