Realms Beyond: Ashes of the Fallen Kickstarter Campaign Concluded, €120,709 Pledged

With a total of €120,709 pledged, Ceres Games' Kickstarter campaign for their old-school RPG Realms Beyond: Ashes of the Fallen is now officially over and the developers can now focus on actually making the game. The final pledge amount means that three out of the four stretch goals have been reached, so on release Realms Beyond will feature a fancy map, some additional writing, and an expanded soundtrack.

Here's the official thank you message from the developers:

Phew, what a month! Those last thirty campaign days have been a proper rollercoaster ride and felt more like half a year. But losing sleep, going a bit more grey and not seeing much of the world outside has all been worth it. The show of your support just knocked our socks off!

We’re lost for words to thank everyone. We’ve said it so many times, but can’t really repeat it often enough: THANKS!

Without all the 2648 backers from the US, Germany, UK, Canada, France, Australia, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Belgium, China and many, many more countries, nothing would have happened. But with all of you, this campaign has been a resounding success! We still can’t believe that the campaign has been funded 120%. It was fully funded three days ago and we smashed three stretch goals! We’re more than excited to get stuck in to carry on working with our team, including Edwin Pickett and the people at OnlySound, voice actor Stephen Chatfield, and of course with Francesca on the map, Casey and Scott on the writing and Kai on additional sound tracks.

All your comments, questions and feedback have been invaluable.

And if you're interested in learning a bit about the game's world, you can check out the latest Kickstarter update.