The Waylanders Initial Crowdfunding Goal Reached, New Stretch Goals Announced

Gato Salvaje Studio's Kickstarter campaign for their party-based time travel RPG The Waylanders has managed to reach its initial goal of $150,000 with a few days to spare, so now, with $157,291 already pledged, the game's supporters can work towards unlocking some of the stretch goals that include a new area and a number of companions.

You can read all about the stretch goals in the latest update, and then you can check out the previous update that talks about The Waylanders' mischievous goblins and announces a recruitable goblin companion. Have a look:

The Goblins are cute, magical creatures intrinsically tied to nature. They wear outfits and masks made of bark, sticks, and leather.

Sometimes people don’t realize that they are speaking to a goblin- at first glance, they often look like children wearing costumes and playing pretend.

Adult goblins still move like children- they often run, jump, or skip instead of walking like proper human adults. Their high pitch voices and playful nature also contribute to this common misconception.

They are pranksters, and will do whatever they can in order to give themselves and their friends a good laugh… sometimes without realizing the harm they can cause. If they do hurt someone, they’ll feel bad about it. But empathetic foresight is uh… not their strong suit.

Despite this, goblins are clever and relatively mature. They are capable rogues and explorers, and they are brilliant at lightening the mood when necessary. Basically, they’re good people to have around in any adventuring party.

The largest population of goblins exists in the beautiful coastal city of Aunes, so many of them are used to sunlight, the ocean, and a calm lifestyle. The possibility of joining an adventure that could take them out of their comfort zone and allow them to experience new, fun places with totally different surroundings would be of great interest to many goblins.

Now that you know about this new race, we’ll like to give you a little present: a goblin companion will be include in the game for free!

So you now might be asking… What’s a companion? Well…

Companions are important characters that can join your party, and that you can have close relations with. They’ll provide you with more hours of gameplay, since they have their own character quests (these will have a similar format to Mass Effect’s loyalty missions). If you have a close relationship with them, you will get further quests and they’ll become an important part of your gameplay experience. And this goblin is the very first companion we are adding to the game!