The Waylanders Updates, $73,609 and Counting

If you'd like to learn a thing or two about Gato Salvaje Studio's party-based RPG The Waylanders that's currently sitting at $73,609 out of $150,000 on Kickstarter, you may want to check out the two latest campaign updates. Update #9 introduces us to the game's basic classes, while update #10 offers a concise story preview.

Here's what you can expect from the game's story:

We think this is one of the most interesting and important updates. We'll show you a story preview! Written by top notch RPG scripwriters, we can guarantee you'll enjoy a great and epic tale during the hours you'll be playing The Waylanders. Keep reading!

The Celtic Brigantians are on their way to create an unprecedented alliance with the god-like Tuatha de Danaan- the supernatural rulers of the Isle of Ireland. King Ith and his son, the Prince, are hopeful that this will bring a new era of peace to Europe. You’re along on his expedition as either a diplomat, protector, or mercenary depending on your origin.

But, tragedy strikes as the negotiations erupt into chaos. Everyone’s lives are in peril- including yours!

In order to allow the royalty to escape, you-- with the help of a Mourian Seer and a Druid named Amergin- manage to hold the line. As you become overwhelmed by the forces of the Tuatha, you realize that you’ve taken on a suicide mission.

Just as you suffer what would otherwise be a death blow, the Seer opens an entrance to the Mourian Underworld. She and Amergin work together, and by combining Mourian and Druidic magicks, they’re able to save your life… but at a cost.

Parts of your body have been replaced by Mourian metals. And more shocking… you’ve been untethered from space and time!

You, and you alone, are developing the ability to travel through time.

You return home to Brigantia to find the land corrupted. It has been overrun by horrible monsters- creatures of pure chaos and rage! Not only that, but the prince has been unseated by a cruel and unyielding Usurper, who has turned the world of the Celts against all magick-users.

By traveling between the Celtic and Medieval eras, you’ll discover the source of the monsters, bring peace back to the Celtic realm… and make some friends and lovers along the way!

Now, you know how The Waylanders begins. We hope you like it!