GB Feature: Titan Quest: Ragnarok Review

We've long been fans of Iron Lore's Titan Quest, having spent hundreds of entertaining hours on the action RPG and its original Immortal Throne expansion while building our dedicated subsite. So when THQ Nordic and Pieces Interactive teamed up to release a new expansion for the 2006 title late last year, we made sure to add it to our playlist - and are now finally ready to publish our full review:
More importantly, because the DLC takes place in Scandinavia, you get to explore mountains and forests, often in winter settings, and so the new parts of the game look dramatically different than the old. Also, because the environment is colder, the new equipment in the game is different as well. Instead of the sandals and bracelets and breezy leather gear that made sense in the Mediterranean, you now get gloves and boots and even pants. So your character looks different as well.

In fact, the look of the DLC is the best part. Pieces Interactive did a nice job with the new maps. They're a little more winding and complicated than Iron Lore's maps, but this gave Pieces Interactive a chance to hide things (like bandit camps with majestic chests) in out of the way corners, which you find if you're thorough and but walk right by if you're not. They also did some impressive work with the Corinth maps, fitting them in seamlessly with the existing Greek maps.