Phoenix Point Development Update - Alien Bases

Snapshot Games' upcoming X-Com inspired Phoenix Point will have you fighting mutated aliens all across the globe, including the rare alien bases with their unique organic tile set and claustrophobic maze-like environments. And if you'd like to learn a bit more about these bases, you should check out the latest development update on the game's website where you'll be able to see plenty of concept art and a few work-in-progress screenshots.

An excerpt:

Much of the tactical combat in Phoenix Point takes place within human controlled Havens. These will not be the only places where combat occurs. There will be scavenging sites, your own bases to defend and enemy bases to attack, where the Pandoravirus mutates and grows its reinforcements.

Finding and destroying these aliens lairs will be fundamental to your success in the game. One of the main design goals for these enemy bases was to give them an organic appearance.

There are three main differences with the enemy bases to make them feel more organic and less “man-made”.

We’ve tried to avoid making the maps square. This gives more opportunity to build maze-like environments where you will have different options for taking cover, breaking line of sight and flanking your enemies.

We want the maps have a more “indoor” feeling to them. While some of them will still technically be outdoor maps, the claustrophobic feeling remains the same. Adding to the first point, this allows for more winding and twisting corridors.

We have made all of the props and features in the maps organic. We want to remove as many man-made elements as possible from the Pandoravirus environments. Many things which are required mechanically for your units to interact with (such as ladders) need to be reworked to be more organic.