Encased Developer Update - Involving the Community

Following a few months of relative silence, the official website for Dark Crystal Games' upcoming post-apocalyptic RPG Encased brings us the first developer update for the game. The update covers the game's setting and backstory, shows off a few bits of concept art and early footage, and describes the ongoing community contest of sorts that allows you to create an NPC that may appear in the final game.

Here's the video part of the update:

And some additional details:

Hello! Welcome to our first video dev diary episode!

We released an interactive form that lets players create an NPC for Encased, and receive unique in-game items in return. The form consists of a character generator and a set of questions that help determine the player’s behavior and preferences when confronted with different game scenarios.

Link to the form where you can create your NPC: https://cronus.darkcrystalgames.com

Filling out the form requires a certain amount of creativity: besides answering various questions the players will have to allocate character’s stats and come up with a fun backstory. All of the answers will be recorded in the employee database of C.R.O.N.U.S. Foundation, and the names, invented by the players for their characters, will show up in the in-game documents, terminals, and emails exchanged by the company’s workers.

While traveling the desert, the protagonist may find an abandoned data-center and access a database filled with characters created by our community. The most interesting files will serve as a framework for full-fledged in-game NPCs. As a reward for filling out the form, each responder will receive a unique in-game item — The First Settlers’ Helmet — available only to those who completed the survey. The players will be sent a Steam-key for the free DLC right after the game’s official release.