Dying Light 2 - Former The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Writers Join the Team

Techland's Dying Light was a game mostly about running, jumping, and bashing lots of zombies. The game's upcoming sequel, Dying Light 2, will be taking its story much more seriously, having been initially announced by its narrative designer, one Chris Avellone.

And if that's not enough to convince you in the series' new narrative focus, VG247 now reports that a number of highly skilled video game writers, who previously worked on the Bloody Baron quest line for The Witcher 3, have also joined Dying Light 2's writing team.

A bit on that:

“This is very ambitious, so we knew we needed some help,” Techland told VG247 at E3 this week. “So we asked Chris Avellone, the master of non-linear story telling to help us with this challenge.

“We also got some additional help in the form of the former The Witcher 3 writing team. Those guys were responsible for some of the best quests from that game including the Bloody Baron quest line. All of those guys are working very hard to create a narrative – it’s like a puzzle to play with.”