Ultima Underworld III Design Document

Several years before ORIGIN Studios' shuttering in 2004, the team had spent a good deal of time putting together a design document for a third Ultima Underworld installment. That design document had previously never made its way to the general public, but thanks to this post on Pix's ORIGIN Adventures, we now have a PDF copy of it to pore over. I won't spoil much from its 104 pages, but I'll at least leave you with the introductory bullet points:
• A fantastic world of adventure, quests and interactivity in a detailed 3D environment.
• A single-player game with more than 20 action-packed levels.
• A multi-player game where you can pit yourself against up to 7 other players via LAN, Direct Connect, Modem or Internet.
• A game you can play for as little as 10-20 minutes, either in the main story or in a randomly generated mission...or else spend days solving a detailed, story-driven quest.
• A phenomenally immersive 3D fantasy world, built on top of the proven Wing Commander: Prophecy engine, capable of supporting multiple camera angles and a high density of interactive objects.
• A richly populated play area, combined with an accessible magic system and accelerated character development to provide a better play experience for a broader audience than any previous RPG on the market.
• An important step forward in a mutually productive collaboration between Lord British Productions and Black Ops, demonstrating the ability of development teams within the same studio to work together on the creation of high-end product.
• A product accessible both to hard-core and casual gamers, with variable difficulty levels and automated or customizable stat systems for every caliber of player.
• Origin's premier SKU for Fall 1998
An action-packed, multiplayer, and accessible game for casual gamers? Perhaps it's a good thing that it never saw the light of day. Thanks, Xandar!