Fallout 76 Announced, Teaser Trailer

Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of cryptic hints and vague teasing but with something as big as a possible new Fallout game, I would be remiss not to mention this tweet from Bethesda Game Studios that treats us to a Fallout-style loading screen accompanied by three words - please stand by. Check it out:

Add to this the currently ongoing Twitch broadcast that shows a darkened room with a Vault Boy bobblehead and the loading screen projected behind it, and it becomes fairly obvious that something Fallout-related is coming our way soon. Most likely during the upcoming E3. And the only thing we know with reasonable certainty at this point is that Obsidian Entertainment is not involved, due to a tweet of their own that simply states “it's not us.” I guess we'll just have to wait and see what comes out of this.

UPDATE: Thanks to a newly released teaser trailer, we now know a little bit more about the mysterious Fallout project. Entitled Fallout 76, Bethesda's new game is going to be revealed on June 10, 2018, during the studio's E3 showcase. Check it out:

Important to note that according to Kotaku, this new game is not going to be the next entry in the main Fallout series and will instead be an online title.