GB Feature: Exiled Kingdoms Review

After spending over 80 hours with 4DGames' hack-and-slash and multi-platform RPG Exiled Kingdoms, Steven has penned a full three-page review. Here's a bit of what he had to say about character development in the one-man-developed title:
For skills and spells, each character gets six class skills plus three general skills. The class skills are specific for your class. For example, Warriors get skills for two-handed weapons, shield expertise, performing a whirlwind attack, while Mages get the spells Fireball, Lightning Bolt, and Mage Armor. The general skills are the same for each character: Dungeoneering (which makes it easier for you detect things), Gossip (which improves your chances of learning about rumors while at inns), and Recovery (which allows you to rest more often to recover health and mana).

While adventuring, characters can also purchase up to eight advanced skills from the game's four factions. These factions are aligned with the game's four classes. Characters can only join one faction, and while they aren't required to join the faction aligned with their class, it wouldn't make any sense not to. However, as long as you make a faction happy (by completing quests for them), they'll still offer you some skills, and so, for example, all characters can learn resistance skills from the mage faction -- provided they deem the skill worthy of one of their eight advanced skill slots.