The Iron Oath Update #31

This month's Kickstarter update for Curious Panda's turn-based RPG The Iron Oath is on the shorter side of things, with team getting ready to show off a playable demo at DreamHack Austin in early June. But even so, we get several new enemy animations and an overview of all the recent progress. Check it out:

Hello backers, hope you're all doing well! Late last month we got some pretty amazing news as we were selected to showcase our game at DreamHack Austin(June 1-3). The last few weeks have been pretty hectic getting everything ready with the demo build and promotional materials, but we're super excited to show off the game at such a big venue! Both Chris and myself will be in attendance so if any of you were planning on going we'd be happy to have you stop by our booth and give the game a test-run :)

To go along with the demo build we have some new additions to the roster of enemies; we figured the poor skeletons have been beaten on enough ;)

Like the undead, [outlaws will] be a fairly common enemy that you'll encounter in the game, specifically during overworld travel where bandits tend to prey on weary travelers.

Here are some other things we've worked on this past month:
  • Full implementation of the Line of Sight mechanic
  • Combat UI improvements for targeting and letting the user know why and when abilities cannot be used
  • Added a new resource pool called "Focus" which is used for casting spells. We've tweaked the function of our Spirit resource and we'll talk further about it in a future update
  • New ability icons
  • Fancy new environment introduction(totally not inspired by Dark Souls!)
Hope we'll see a few of you at DreamHack and we'll be back next month with more news and a recap of how the expo went :)