Disco Elysium Preview

There's a brief preview of Disco Elysium on Grown Gaming, giving us a quick introduction to the role-playing game developed by the team at ZA/UM and formerly known as No Truce with The Furies. A little something to whet your appetite:

Players control a disgraced lieutenant detective. Corruption is rife, crime is out of control, and murders go unsolved. Players kick in doors, interrogate suspects and explore the gorgeously rendered city to unravel its mysteries.

Oh, and your character hears voices. In fact, they deliver the key dialogue as the various voices vie for control, lending their own spin to the investigation and series of events. More than providing commentary, though, the voices are tied to skill levelling – rather than sticking points in the standard intelligence, dexterity and strength categories, you’ll be strengthening your mental faculties, such as intellect, wit, greed and fear.