Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition v2.5 Patch Available

Following some extensive beta-testing, the long-awaited v2.5 patch for Beamdog's Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition has finally been released, complete with over 300 bug fixes and new features. The latter include a new playable Shaman class, improved looting functionality, additional character-building options for Paladins and Rangers, and much more. You can find the complete patch notes on the Beamblog, or check out a small preview below:

The 2.5 update for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition is finally here!

We’ve made over 300 fixes and features throughout the 2.5 Infinity Engine updates and now this much-anticipated update for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition is coming to you!

Top features:
  • Play as the Shaman class
  • Steam Achievements
  • Tablet dialogue buttons on Android and iOS
  • Added a "Take All" button to containers
  • Updated the Voice of Durdel Anatha quest
  • Paladins and Rangers can now become Fallen
  • An Auto-Save is being created after character creation at the start of the game
  • New V/O: Italian
The 2.5 update will be rolling it out across all platforms and stores. Occasionally updates can take a while to distribute, especially on Google Play and the App Store. We appreciate your patience as the update populates throughout.

Watch out for more news on our social channels about 2.5 updates to our other Enhanced Edition titles.

Here’s the full list of bug fixes and features (please, note that this list does not cover the general Infinity Engine tickets, these will be published when the 2.5 patch series is completed)!

  • Added Italian VO for Heart of Winter
  • Added Shaman to IWD
  • Added Steam Achievements to IWD
  • All language names should be displayed alphabetically in English (12397)
  • There should be an Auto-Save after character creation at the start of the game (34032)
  • The AI script description should refer to the gender of the selected character instead of the group leader (32132)
  • A message should indicate that killing Hrothgar will stop progression of the main quest right from the start (31990)
  • Add Journal Popup Option (31566)
  • [console] Cheat console should have small descriptions of the areas in the travel list (34407)
  • Area transitions should be possible with the Quickloot bar open (10083)
  • Creatures immune to item effects should use identified names in the combat log (9586)