Thea 2: The Shattering Update #21

MuHa Games' upcoming 4X/RPG hybrid Thea 2: The Shattering has a new Kickstarter update that describes the role of children in the game, informs us that a new demo will be playable at the upcoming Digital Dragons event in May, deals with some backer logistics, and presents the final god introduction video. Let's start with the latter:

And now, a few paragraphs about the children:

In our monthly newsletter, I outline some of the team fights we have about particular design concepts, one such example were children in Thea 2. So the point of contention was: should children have restrictions on what equipment they can use or should their low attributes be the only limit. The idea is that children will be actual characters, not items like in Thea 1 (in technical terms, they were never items of course ;) ). But, they are still children, so they will obviously have lower stats. So some of us think they should not be allowed to wear armour or carry heavy weaponry, the other side thinks they should, and we went around in circles a few times with that canandrum.

In any case, for now, the option to limit children is winning, as lore-wise children just don't have the skill or social standing to have these things and gameplay wise we do want them to be less able than their adult counterparts. (but we are also aware they should not be useless, so this debate continues ;) )

Also on the child news front, children will now have a growing up count, so no more Peter-pan forever children in Thea!

More on specifics of the mechanics of children in Thea 2 coming soon.