Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark and Eternity: The Last Unicorn Announced

1C Company didn't spill any announcements about a new King's Bounty title, unfortunately, but they did lay out plans to feature a turn-based fantasy/steampunk RPG called Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark and a Norse-based RPG entitled Eternity: The Last Unicorn during their PAX East lineup this year. In fact, those two games - and others - are the highlights of their lineup trailer:

And here's the press release itself:
1C Company Unveils Three New RPG and Arena Titles Including Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark at PAX East 2018

Lineup Includes Seven Games with Fell Seal, Eternity: The Last Unicorn & Gift of Parthax Shown for First Time; 1C Company Offers Hands-on Strategy, RPG & Action Demos

PRAGUE, April 5, 2018 – 1C Company, a global PC and console games publisher, today announced its largest US show lineup ever with seven playable titles at PAX East 2018. The company, which is one of the largest publishers and distributors in Eastern Europe, revealed three new titles today with their first hands-on play as part of the 1C roster: Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark (PC, Xbox One, PS4), a story-driven, turn-based tactical RPG combining fantasy and steampunk elements; Gift of Parthax (PC), a 2D top-down arena fighter with a gothic pixel art style; and Eternity: The Last Unicorn (PC, Xbox One, PS4), a traditional RPG with extensive lore based on Norse mythology.

Joining 1C Company’s new titles at PAX East are the highly anticipated RTS strategy game, Ancestors Legacy, the cyberpunk real-time strategy game, Re-Legion, the award-winning strategy and RPG game, Deep Sky Derelicts and the unique puzzle-based action-adventure title, Haimrik. The entire lineup can be seen in the new 1C PAX East trailer.

“We've hand-picked seven titles from our current lineup to bring to PAX East 2018, with three brand new games highlighting the great range of strategy and RPG experiences on offer from 1C in the coming months.,” said Nikolay Baryshnikov, VP of 1C Company. “RPG gamers will love the first look at Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark and Eternity: The Last Unicorn and strategy gamers will enjoy updated builds for Ancestors Legacy and Re-Legion—come see us in booth 21085 to play some outstanding PC and console games!”

Details on the 1C PAX East Lineup

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark (PC, XB1, PS4 | Q2 2019) – A story-driven, turn-based tactical JRPG set in a fantasy world with a touch of steampunk. Players will control the Arbiter Kyrie, an agent of the Immortal Council, tasked with preserving stability and order throughout the land. Paying homage to tactical RPG classics, the game stands on its own as a worthy successor, bringing a slew of improvements and additions to the tactics genre.

Gift of Parthax (PC, XB1 | Q3 2018) – A 2D top-down arena fighter featuring a gothic pixel art style, the game puts players in the shoes of Arif, a mage on a quest to save his friend. To do so, he must defeat all enemies in Atixa’s grand arena—and receiving the Gift of Parthax may be his only chance to do so! Players will unleash Arif’s power and survive five seasons of challenges with waves of mobs and mighty bosses using customized and enhanced spells.

Eternity: The Last Unicorn (PC, XB1, PS4 | Q3 2018) – A fully featured RPG with classic game mechanics and extensive lore based on Norse mythology. As all elven unicorns were taken away and cursed by witchcraft, the elves’ sole existence became endangered. Players will encounter mesmerizing locations and fantasy characters as Aurehen, a young pure Elf, who undertakes her quest to free the last surviving Unicorn that protects Elven immortality.

Ancestors Legacy (PC, XB1, X1X | May 22, 2018 on PC) – A squad-based RTS game where players join Vikings, Saxons, and other nations in an extensive series of tactical campaigns, or challenge their friends in multiplayer battles. Inspired by medieval European history, it brings to life the conflicts of four nations. An updated build will be shown on PC and X1X, with 4K gameplay on X1X.

Re-Legion (PC | Q3 2018) – The upcoming cyberpunk-style real time strategy game will provide a unique experience with single player and multiplayer modes. Played from a classic isometric, top-down view, the game allows players to become a prophet in a futuristic technocratic society where they can define their own belief system, convert citizens, and upgrade them into fighting units to rid the city of non-believers.

Deep Sky Derelicts (PC | Early Access, launch 2018) – An award-winning original game of ancient spaceship exploration, startling encounters, incredible loot, and danger behind every corner. The game features turn-based combat with cards in a retro sci-fi setting enriched with roguelike elements. An updated build will be shown.

Haimrik (PC, XB1, PS4 | June 6, 2018) – A unique puzzle-based action-adventure title where medieval scribe Haimrik takes on warriors, sorcerers, and dragons using words that come to life. It’s as original—and as fun—as it sounds!

All seven 1C titles will be shown in booth #21085 at PAX East during show hours: April 5 – 8, 10 AM – 6 PM daily.

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