Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Update #76

The latest Kickstarter update for SolarFall Games' action-RPG Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem provides an overview of the new features in their Early Access patch v0.5.0.5 that introduces new enemies, skills and weapons to the game, fixes plenty of bugs, and slightly alters how resistance sources work. There's also a detailed changelog there, in case you're interested. An excerpt:

1. Bug and crash fixes

We want players to have an enjoyable environment while testing the game. In order to do so, we gathered tons of feedback on various crashes and bugs to fix a maximum of them. Of course, we could not handle absolutely all of them, some issues are related to content that will eventually be deprecated and replaced in the new Act I, but we managed to fix a great amount of issues that were reported in the last few months.

Beside bows and the targeting revamp we introduced on our previous devblog , we have some new content added with the patch Including…

2. Ice spells

We revamped the frost nova to make it cooler than ever, along with 2 new frost spells you will now have access to: Frost Meteor and Frost Lance.

Frost Nova now boast new skill modifiers as well as new particle effects. These include the ability to remove the skill’s cooldown, to cast at cursor location, to use it as a damage dealer, and more.

Frost Lance is a projectile spell that takes time to take form before launch. Skill modifiers include tweaks to the launch time, damage tweaks depending on the distance travelled, and more.

Frost Comet is a rock of frost forming above the ground and crashing down a few moments after. Skill modifiers include tweaks to the launch time, increased explosion radius at the expense of adding a cooldown, leaving a cold area that slows targets down, and more.

Ready to experience some devastating Frost spec?

3. Resistance balancing

All resistance sources have been rebalanced. Henceforth, to resist a third of incoming damage you will now need ten times a monster level in resistance points. Also, you will need twenty times a monster level to resist half the damage.