Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition Patch v8164, Livestream Recap

A new Head Start patch for Beamdog's Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition was released this week, fixing a number of issues and adding some new features to the remastered RPG as it gets ready for its March 27 release. This patch is discussed during the latest Beamdog livestream with Trent Oster and Phil Daigle. The livestream also mentions Phil's recent interview with Dragon+, a Dungeons & Dragons-themed magazine, as well as some of the planned improvements for the upcoming Enhanced Editions updates. Have a look:

And here are the latest patch notes for NWN:EE:

Known Issues
  • We are still looking into the Intel Integrated GPU-related performance regressions, especially on Mac.
  • We are also looking into the Intel Integrated GPU-related crashes on Windows.
  • Crossbows & slings have a split/twisted appearance and animation. A fix is planned for 8165.
  • A crash has been fixed with the toolset that would trigger when re-opening a conversation from search results.
  • The toolset should now run on Wine again.
  • Toolset script compiler no longer crashes when attempting to include a missing script.
  • The toolset now defaults to the NWN user directory when im/exporting erfs.
  • The camera bounds as configurable in the .ini now default to 1.69 values (unlocked).
  • Toolset crash when deleting an area with a uppercase resref was fixed.
  • The multiplayer server list doesn’t select a random server on open anymore.
  • The multiplayer server view now displays the server game type properly.
  • Combining parts no longer causes some geometry to sometimes disappear.
  • Normal mapped static lighting no longer causes lighting to be black for some static geometry.
  • Skin animations for parts that are attached now synch up exactly to the attached object and will no longer animate a few frames behind in certain situations.
  • Skybox position is now centered on the character, so skybox warping will no longer be apparent when you’re at the edge of large maps.
  • Game and server binaries now error out if no data files can be found, instead of crashing.
  • The console open/close key can now be typed in the game chat bar.
  • Some further memleaks in the Toolset were fixed.
  • The toolset script editor now accepts cyrillic/non-ascii input.
  • The toolset script compiler identifier limit has been bumped to 16K (from 8K; error manifested was “IDENTIFIER LIST FULL” for some very complex scripts).
  • The toolset keeps variables on triggers and encounters when repainting their polygon.
  • The toolset is now much faster when opening object properties.
  • Steam workshop now supports tags. Simply create a tags.txt file in your project root, containing the tags you want to assign to your upload, one per line.
Toolset area editor improvements:
  • Selected objects now don't move on single click
  • The object properties dialog opens on double click
  • Support for undo/redo operations on object move actions added