Dauntless Upcoming Island Gameplay Enhancements

As Phoenix Labs' co-operative action-RPG Dauntless gets ready to enter Open Beta, the developers share some of the ideas they plan to implement in the nearest future, particularly when it comes to the game's ever-shifting islands. Destructible environments, memorable points of interest, and new ways to traverse the land - it all sounds pretty good to me. Check it out:


When an Embermane is charging your hunting party at over one-hundred-forty kilometers per hour, the last thing on its mind are obstacles. There are more than a few Slayers with broken bodies that will tell you that nothing gets between that much fury and its prey.

So, if a Slayer decides to make a strategic retreat into the forest for a breather — what should a Behemoth do? Wait patiently? Leave a message? Or, should it do what Behemoths do best, and bring it crashing down?

Featured above is a wild Gnasher in its native habitat, laying waste to its mortal enemy — the tree. It’s small touches like this that add up to bring an island to life. While forestry will still act as an opportunity to regroup, it will no longer be the bastion it currently is in Closed Beta. This means Slayers will need to stay on their toes as they adapt to changing battlefields.

Creating environments and systems that respond to both Behemoths and Slayers leads to more hunt variety and memorable experiences. These systems are still in the early stages of development, but we’re eager to continue pushing the boundaries of what both Behemoths and Slayers can do.


Ramsgate is home to cartographers, scientists, smiths, explorers, and other citizens who have needs and curiosities that demand satisfaction. You’re in a unique position as a Slayer to discover and source the rarities that keep Ramsgate operating smoothly as a scientific and commercial hub.

We’re introducing new opportunities for memorable moments that will impact hunts and make the Shattered Isles exciting to explore. Enhancements to existing gatherables, new points of interest that expand the world of Dauntless, and opportunities to discover items and extra crafting materials are all being explored.

When you come across a destroyed village, you can expect to find notes, potions, and even hints of what caused the devastation. Groves of special mushrooms will stand out in the night sky with a blooming, eerie glow. Who knows what you’ll find in the wreckage of less fortunate ships?

Experiments and prototypes are underway, so don’t be surprised to see early tests of these points of interest in the Closed Beta. Change, if anything, is the only constant in the Shattered Isles.


The smiths and scientists of Ramsgate are always looking for new uses for Aether. If the volatile material can let airships fly, and you’ve got a group of Slayers willing to risk life and limb for an edge while hunting — why not try something crazy?

Slayers will soon discover new ways to capitalize on the natural features found during their hunts. One such emergent example are smaller vents of Aether that, after some experimentation and a few abandoned 3D maneuvering gear schematics broken bones, now allow Slayers to reach higher elevations.

We’re experimenting with new methods of traversal that make exploring islands more fun and unique to the world of Dauntless. Expect to see more examples of these features in the Open Beta and beyond!


The transitory nature of the Shattered Isles means that nothing stays in one place for too long. Slayers might have the deadliest jobs, but no one envies the cartographers of Ramsgate. Keeping track of the world’s geography means a dedication to discovery and the dogged pursuit of elusive, subtle orbital patterns.

We’ve taken your feedback, and the data from countless hunts, to create experiences that reward exploration. This means more variety and discovering new ways to build better experiences. New island concepts are in the works as you’re reading this, and we’re excited to share more detailed previews in the future.