The Age of Decadence Updates

Iron Tower Studio's RPG The Age of Decadence may have received its final content update a while back, but that doesn't stop the developers from fixing the remaining minor issues with the game whenever they can. The latest update, for example, improves mod support, fixes several localization issues, and slightly tweaks some of the game's endings.

You can find some additional details about all that below, along with a bit of a preview of the upcoming The New World development update:

While we stopped adding new content, we haven't stopped updating the game so every now and then you'll see 'update queued'. There is no reason to post an announcement every time we fix or tweak something, so I'll post everything here to avoid confusion and multiple threads.

This particular update:
  • Adds missing combat skill points
  • Tweaks some post-Maadoran endings not taking into account certain decisions
  • Fixes several localization issues affecting Russian and Spanish versions
  • Improves localization support for mods
  • Adds modding options for alchemy
As always, we'd like to thank you for your continuous support and patronage.

PS. Don't miss an upcoming The New World update. You'll meet the finest sons and daughters of Starfarer: those elected, appointed, hand-picked, hereditary, and self-proclaimed leaders who hold the fate of the Ship’s inhabitants in their hands.