Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition Head Start Patches, Livestream Recap

A couple of new Head Start patches are available for Beamdog's Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition. The first one fixes a few minor issues and replaces Neverwinter Nights' in-built audio and video players, while the second one deals with the memory leak introduced by the first one.

And if you'd like to hear all about Beamdog's NWN:EE update roadmap and their future plans for their Enhanced Editions, you can check out this livestream VOD with Trent Oster and Phil Daigle:

You can find the neatly arranged stream highlights on the Beamblog, and the latest NWN:EE patch notes below:

8152 includes a fix for a memory leak issue introduced in 8151.
8151 includes the following changes:
  • The audio subsystem has been replaced with OpenAL.
  • The music player has been replaced with OpenMP3.
  • The video player has been replaced with WebM.
  • Added the MakePano console command.
  • Anti-aliasing is back in the settings, but requires a restart to change for technical reasons.
  • Mouse drag/wheel rotation is now smooth no matter the frame rate. Also, it is not speed resolution-dependent anymore.
  • UI elements will no longer hide behind scenery or characters.
  • Weapon Focus Description UI now scales properly.
  • Over a dozen multiplayer crash fixes related to clients sending invalid data, or custom-content data files being corrupt/broken.