Chronicle of the Plain of Shale, a Planescape Story by Chris Avellone

The latest edition of Dragon+, the digital version of the esteemed D&D Dragon magazine, has a treat for all you Planescape fans out there - Chronicle of the Plain of Shale, a short story by Chris Avellone. According to a tweet from the man himself, he wrote it back when he was still at Black Isle, and it explains a few artifacts and monsters you can find in Planescape: Torment.

And in addition to the story itself, Dragon+ brings us an updated Planescape bestiary that will allow you to spice up your 5E pen and paper campaigns with a few otherworldly creatures.

I would quote a couple of paragraphs from the story but I'm not a 100% clear on what the rules for quoting published fiction are, so just go ahead and check it out yourself.