Zombasite: Orc Schism New Monsters Revealed

As is evident from its title, the main attraction of the upcoming Orc Schism expansion for Soldak Entertainment's latest RPG Zombastie are Orcs. Dark Orcs, to be precise. If you've been following the expansion's development, you probably already know a thing or two about the Dark Orc Scout and Berserker, and now, the official website has some additional details on the Dark Ork Shaman and Warlock:

Dark Orc Shaman (Orc Schism only)

With slight elven influence, Dark Orcs are more aggressive, savage, and stronger than ever before. Dark Orc Shaman are similar to their old Orc Shaman counterparts. They lead orc raiding parties, dominating enemies by weakening and poisoning them through ranged magic, all the while remaining comfortable behind Dark Orc Scouts and Berserkers. Alone, the Dark Orc Shaman doesn’t pose a deadly threat but with their devilish bands, they are danger incarnate.

Special Abilities: Weakness, Poison Bolt, and Elemental Resistance

Variants: Blood Clan Orc Shaman, Havoc Clan Orc Shaman, Gore Clan Orc Shaman, Carnage Clan Orc Shaman, and Savage Clan Orc Shaman (shown)

Dark Orc Warlock (Orc Schism only)

With even less elven influence, Dark Orcs are more aggressive, savage, and stronger than any of their old kin. While the Shaman are content hiding behind other Dark Orcs and casting minor weakening and poison spells, Dark Orc Warlocks use potent curses and summon powerful demons to do their dirty work. With just one Warlock you can end up facing an army.

Special Abilities: Shadow Bolt, several curses, and Summon Demon

Variants: Blood Clan Orc Warlock, Havoc Clan Orc Warlock, Gore Clan Orc Warlock (shown), Carnage Clan Orc Warlock, and Savage Clan Orc Warlock