Vampire: the Masquerade - Redemption The Age of Redemption Mod v1.0 Available

Most of you are probably aware of the community efforts to keep Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines as updated and full of content as possible. However, that game's less glamorous and well-known predecessor, Vampire: the Masquerade - Redemption can also boast a dedicated community, as evident by the recently released update for The Age of Redemption mod that you can get right here. This mod alters the game in a variety of ways in order to modernize the whole Redemption experience and allow you to play through its entire campaign in co-op.

Here you can see the mod in action:

And here's a short description of The Age of Redemption and a not-so-short list of its major features:


Welcome to the Age of Redemption. This modification is intended for fans of the original Vampire the Masquerade – Redemption single player experience who are seeking a more revitalized take of the original game. The Age of Redemption mod is intended to fix several issues that existed in the original game including the lack of a functioning multiplayer coop mode for the single player epic campaign. Age of Redemption IS NOT A PATCH; it’s an overhaul.

Age of Redemption goals to make major changes to the gameplay mechanics, maintain multiplayer coop support, and alter level designs all for the purpose of modernizing the gaming experience. The original Vampire the Masquerade – Redemption came out in a time where Diablo 2 was launching and gaining quick popularity. There appeared to be an intent from Activision and Nihilistic to compete against Blizzard’s flagship game. Unfortunately, there was neither enough time nor resources to complete the project so we were left with a half completed, yet epic, title that featured some World of Darkness elements, but with a hack & slash style similar to Diablo. Instead of trying to remove this style, Age of Redemption was aiming to finish what Nihilistic started in our own way and of our own vision. So if you’re a fan of Diablo and have no trouble with a hack & slash style game then Age of Redemption is your kind of mod.


Here is a list of major features:
  • Support for multiplayer through the Age of Redemption chronicle that appears on the multiplayer game selection list. It’s one big chronicle so no more need to end the multiplayer game when transitioning from Prague to Vienna and so forth. All five chapters of the single player game are molded into one epic game session. This also helps solve a crash issue with transitioning to Vienna. Also allows the ability to advance the scenes using the ST scene list panel. Great for playing in sessions then coming back later to progress further with your friends!
  • AoR’s enemies now make logical rather than random use of disciplines. In addition, props and various other obstacles no longer hinder the AI’s not-so-great navigation. The AI will now call for backup from nearby allies, open doors and activate switches to get to where they are going, use special discipline tactics in combination. NPC’s now use equipment loadouts rather than one weapon and one item drops. NPC’s will use up ammo from their inventory when firing ranged weapons. When an NPC runs out of ammo, they look for more ammo in the area or switch to melee. The AI also has better line-of-sight checks than the original game and wont waste ammo shooting at a wall; instead, the AI will re-position to attempt a better angle and to possibly flank the enemy!
  • Several changes have been done to many levels. Some were minor fixes, others may appear a bit more obvious. You’ll need to look and compare for yourself. More drastic changes to the level design are planned in later releases of aor.
  • Several discipline modifications have been done. Many had statistical changes to balance them out to make them worth spending more than one dot on. Others were given visual alterations. Then there are disciplines that have changed in characteristic and function. You need to explore the new descriptions for each of the disciplines to find what has been changed most.
  • New Disciplines added. Obtenebration now has a full array of powers available all created around the idea of suppression and evasion. Movement of the Mind has also been added and includes powerful “jedi” like powers to disarm enemies and use an enemy’s weapon against them. The poisonous powers of Quietus will bring ruinous demise to your enemies.
  • The Beast is a much more deadly and pervasive part of vampiric existence. Frenzy no longer fiddles around based on damage and discipline use. The frenzy stat rises based on overall stress during combat, discipline curses, and hunger around mortals. Frenzy no longer reduces completely over time. Resisting the beast requires a successful wits check during frenzy check situations. Failure will result in an increase to frenzy equal to “frenzy rating” that is based on clan, difficulty, perks, and equipped items. Wits can be modified based on current blood, generation, and humanity. So keeping a high wits, full bloodpool, and high humanity can all help increase one’s resistance to The Beast. If your frenzy stat goes up to 100 then you will frenzy. Recovering from frenzy can take much longer than vanilla because the frenzy stat will not start reducing till after the stress of combat is over. When combat is over, you will still have to “calm down” based on wits and charisma. The higher the wits and charisma, the faster you will recover from frenzy. Failure to “calm down” will result in seeking trouble around the area against the controller’s will. The vampire will be more reckless while no longer accessing important discipline strategies in combat while frenzied. Enabling the “Show Combat Status” feature in the config app will present more information about the status of The Beast.
  • Vampires need blood to survive, but not any blood will do. In Age of Redemption 2017, you now have to take blood quality into consideration when feeding. Drinking from another vampire is now a dangerous prospect as new factors like Kindred Vitae Addiction, Diablerie, and Blood Bonding can be an issue [or a desire]. Vampire’s suffering kindred vitae addiction can no longer find sustenance from mortals, causing the vampire to puke out any mortal blood they feed from. Diablerie can have terrible consequences for vampires on the path of humanity. Being blood bonded in Age of Redemption can cause one vampire to be bound to the unlife of another, resulting in severe penalty to the bonded vampire upon the death of their bonding master. Unlike in vanilla, other limitations have been put on feeding based on clan. The Ventrue can only feed upon good quality blood or suffer vomiting fits on anything lower. Forget feeding off of creatures like Zombu, that’s no longer allowed in AoR. When hunting mortals, be mindful of the target and not all are created equal anymore. Every vial of vitae and every mortal have a variable amount of blood quality and “special effects” which can be positive or negative depending on who is doing the hunting.
  • Weapons have been overhauled across the board. From rare artifacts to standard firearms; everything now feels a bit different with the Age of Redemption mod. Ranged weapons now reload properly and many ranged weapons accept different ammo types rather than having to switch to a different weapon (e.g. Crossbow to Incendiary Crossbow and so forth). Scripted artifacts like the notorious Ainkurn Sword have been altered and rebalanced while still keeping to their original intended purpose. Grenades and other thrown weapons now go much farther than 3 feet as well as allowing the user to move immediately after throwing.
  • Emod animation abilities also added and include a more robust and flexible set of animations that allow players to be as silly or dramatic as they like during their coop MP play!
  • Orsi’s Penthouse can be purchased during the modern day New York chapter. It’s expensive so save up that cash from all the loot you get from the respawning enemies.