Grim Dawn Grim Misadventure #127, Ashes of Malmouth Trailer

The 127th "Grim Misadventure" installment on the official Grim Dawn forums comes loaded with new information about the highly anticipated Ashes of Malmouth expansion, including its launch price ($17.99), release date (likely first half of next month), and an eye candy-filled trailer. Let's start with the trailer:

And then I'll offer up the most important paragraphs from the update itself:
There has been much speculation as to the pricing and release date of the upcoming Ashes of Malmouth expansion for Grim Dawn. Today, we would like to shed some light on these questions.

Our previous public estimates put us in Q3 of 2017, which is nearing its end. While you will have to wait a little while longer, we are pleased to announce that the expansion is absolutely coming in October 2017. It is very probable that it will be on the earlier end of the month, but we want to make sure that recent engine changes and bug fixes have enough time to cook so that you have a smooth and enjoyable experience when you dive into Ugdenbog and Malmouth itself.

The expansion will be available for purchase right here on our website and on Steam, GoG and the Humble store. It will be priced at a modest $17.99 and comes included in the Loyalist Edition available on our website. This expansion has turned out absolutely massive and we are immensely eager to share it all with you in the very near future.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we update the Game Guide with expansion info, tease you with some awesome new footage and wrap up development on what have been two of Grim Dawn’s most exciting chapters yet!