Come on SEGA, It's Time for Alpha Protocol 2

In an editorial that's squarely meant for SEGA's own consumption, the team at PC Invasion explains why the world is ready for an Alpha Protocol sequel and essentially issues a plea for the publisher to greenlight another installment. Interestingly enough, the article was spied by Chris Avellone himsef, who tweeted a request to SEGA to sell or give the IP to him:
Well, now it’s 2017. Your recent moves as a publisher have been relatively popular (as long as you don’t talk to Dawn of War fans for too long), and it’s time to accept that even with the development difficulties and poor initial reception, Alpha Protocol was a groundbreaking title. Nobody else before or since has made an RPG with quite that many layers of reactivity to player choices both large and small. Except maybe Acquire and Way of the Samurai.

If you’re worried about sales figures, take heart from the Steamspy chart showing Alpha Protocol owned by 500,000 people. Sure, a proportion of those people picked it up when it was $2 USD in a Steam sale or part of a Humble Bundle or something, but it’s a sizeable base of players. I’ll buy a copy. Well, I mean, I’d probably get review code. But I’d buy a copy for a friend. See, you’re half-way to the Steam top sellers list already.

I know you like weird RPGs with a variable tone, SEGA, because you publish the Yakuza series. Just think of Alpha Protocol as another bizarre, modern-day RPG in your collection. One about spies, rather than Japanese organised crime. Although, if Obsidian want to put Michael Thorton undercover in the Yakuza somehow, that could be fine too.
I think the odds are low for an Alpha Protocol 2, but I'd certainly pick it up on day one, just as this author would.