Tyranny: Bastard's Wound Interview

PC Invasion managed to corner narrative lead Matt MacLean and a few other Obsidian Entertainment/Paradox team members for a lengthy interview about their forthcoming Bastard's Wound expansion for last year's Tyranny. The questions cover a range of topics and even move into Alpha Protocol territory for a bit, so you'll probably want to read through them all if your purchasing list includes the add-on:
PCI: There was reference in the original Bastard’s Wound announcement that this expansion would give a closer look at the Beastmen. Can you elaborate on that?

MM: In the main game we only really got to show one of the tribes of the Beastmen throughout the tiers, the Stonestalkers. There’s more to the Beastmen than just that tribe, unfortunately the story never took us to the places where we’d show you more of them. So we’re excited to have a chance to show more about the Beastmen, teach you about their history, have more characters to show you the different experiences the tribes have and what makes the different.

... PCI: Alongside the release of Bastard’s Wound there’s going to be a free update that’s going to expand the third Act. Could you talk a bit about how it’s going to do that … maybe without spoilers? [Laughs]

MM: It’s something I don’t want to over-sell because Act Three is a very wide Act in the game. Some players can get through Act Three very quickly, but there’s actually a lot of content because you can arrive at Act Three with about twelve different major permutations of the story.

A lot of what we’ve done is added some things to Act Three that add more … ah, not sure how to speak about this without adding more spoilers. We’ve added some more content to Act Three that we would have loved to have put in the main game, but we didn’t want to put it as part of the DLC, so we wanted to make sure it was a free update to everybody else. I think that’s the best way to describe it.