Kingdom Come: Deliverance Interview

The folks over at Xbox Tavern have talked to Warhorse Studios' community manager Rick Lagnese about Warhorse's upcoming historical RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The interview offers some insights into the current plans for post-launch support of the game, its difficulty and setting, the way it handles choices and consequences, and more. An excerpt:

XT – Kingdom Come: Deliverance offers up timed sensitive quests. Will these affect the arc of the story?

RL – While there is only one ending to the story (history will repeat itself) how you get there is up to you. What’s also interesting is that if you fail a particular quest, you may be given an opportunity to go about it an entirely different way. You may regret a timed-sensitive decision you made, but that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost.

XT – Quests play a massive role in the game, with many of them leaning on player choice. Do you anticipate a lot of replay value in this regard?

RL – Absolutely. You could probably get through 80% of the game without killing anyone, yet maybe in your next playthrough you decide to be like Spartacus and kill them all! Maybe you’ll regret some choices that you made in the first playthrough that causes you to want to go back and make different decisions in your second time around.

XT – Is it fair to assume, depending on how a player moves through the journey – being either peaceful or relentless, that we’ll be seeing different versions of Henry by the end game?

RL – Henry will grow up and mature more as the game progresses, that’s for sure. Throughout all the choices that are made in the game, there will still be one concrete ending.


XT – Can we expect to see DLC and post launch support?

RL – You can definitely expect to see DLC and post launch support. We had some things we said we would do in our Kickstarter that were not able to make it into the game, so we will see how we can iron it out into DLC. Mod support will also be available in some way, shape or form post launch.

XT – How difficult is the game aiming to be?

RL – In the 15th century in medieval Bohemia, it took time to learn how to use a sword, or a bow or a spear. In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you will be able to train and learn how to use your weapons and you will also learn very quickly that you’re not Thor *laughs* There’s no magic and no fantasy in our game, so you will have to hone your skills and while doing this, you will be able to unlock perks to assist you and help you as you progress throughout the game.

XT – Taking the setting into account, there’s naturally going to be some fairly large scale battles and confrontations. Are you able to say how many enemies will be populating the screen at any given time?

RL – We’re still working on this but we have shown that our beta was able to demonstrate a 60 man skirmish.