Secret World Legends Available on Steam

Funcom's attempt at giving The Secret World a second lease at life, by relaunching it as a free-to-play title Secret World Legends, is finally available on Steam. If you waited for a hassle-free chance to jump into the game – now's your chance.

The Steam release coincides with The Whispering Tide event that will last until August 15, 2017. During the event you'll be able to participate in a public raid and win Custodial Relics in addition to the other daily rewards. Read on for some additional details:

The scales have tipped.

The Filth has entered Agartha, threatening the World Tree itself. Shadows the size of planets gaze upon us and prepare their winged harbingers for invasion. Darkness is upon us; The Whispering Tide has arrived.

Following the latest events from the Main Story, the portal to Tokyo is overflowing with Filth, blocking access and heralding an unkindness of Birds of the Zero-Point Pathogen into Agartha. You, the agents of Gaia, are the only ones that can stem the tide.


The Whispering Tide event begins August 1st and lasts through the 15th. During the event, you can claim daily Event Rewards in addition to your Daily Rewards. Event Rewards include Custodial Relics; these relics of the Third Age contain special rewards, but are locked by a mysterious force…

The large “Public Raid” Portal in Agartha opens every hour, allowing you to join 40-person raids to defeat Birds of the Zero-Point Pathogen. Agartha empowers its agents during these encounters, allowing players of any level (as long as they’ve actually reached Agartha) to join in and participate.


Defeating a boss bestows you with the power of Agartha’s Custodians, allowing you to open a Custodial Relic and receive special rewards. These rewards include special cosmetics, titles, and even a pet! Those of you from The Secret World may be familiar with these rewards.

Please note: You only need to open 10 Relics to get all the rewards, so it’s okay if you miss a day or two. Opening a Relic after collecting all the rewards grants extra Anima Shards.

The world is counting on you, agents! Once the Filth is pushed back, the portal to Tokyo can be cleansed and re-opened. Kaidan awaits…