PC Gamer's RPG Dream Team

The editors at PC Gamer have put together a list of the best, in their opinion, RPG companions. The result is quite an eclectic bunch that goes from Morte to HK-47, to the beast of burden donkey from Dungeon Siege. Here are just a couple of examples:


Game: Anachronox
Role: Planet

Democritus is a planet. More accurately, it's the citizens of the planet's outer ring, who are so thankful that you saved them from robot insects that they shrink their planet down and follow you around. It's an incredibly useful companion, not least because it's stuffed full of weaponry, from ballistic missiles to orbital satellites. Really, though, Democritus provides an excellent motivation for your adventure: celebrity. After all, its inhabitants can simply look to the sky and watch your adventures. When you return, later in Anachronox's story, they'll critique your adventures: both the plotting and the character you play. —Phil Savage

Democritus is a hilarious concept for a companion and the citizens’ judgemental tendency is a good way to poke through the fourth wall, which few RPG characters do. —Tom Senior


Game: Baldur’s Gate 2, Neverwinter Online
Role: Ranger, berserker

I worried that Minsc would be a bit gimmicky. Everyone knows about his space hamster (though of course we’re split on whether the hamster is really from space or not—it is, by the way). Actually his berserker tendencies are much more interesting. Minsc’s unpredictability introduces a fun chaotic element to the group dynamic that could get the party into scrapes. We were looking for a heavy as well who can take a bit of damage in a scrap. Even though he’s a ranger, Minsc fits the bill I think. —Tom Senior

You need that slightly deranged, unpredictable edge to keep things fresh, and to give the more straightlaced party members a comedy foil. This can lead to good hijinks, and what's the point of saving the world if it's not going to get wacky once in a while. Minsc is certainly wacky. He even thinks his hamster is from space (it definitely isn't). Note that we're specifically using the Baldur's Gate II version of Minsc, because we didn't want to bring Dynaheir. —Phil Savage


Game: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Role: Murder robot

It’s good to have a straight-up evil character in the party. The potential for betrayal keeps everyone on their toes. Also, arguments are fun, especially when one half of the row is a psychotic robot programmed to kill. HK-47 is very good at killing as well, which is a very useful skill in an RPG party. If you take an outside view, RPG parties tend to be a terrifying collection of warriors who will kill hundreds of bandits and rats in a typical adventure. HK-47 is just really honest about that. —Tom Senior

There's part of me that's pandering to KOTOR fans by suggesting this one. We had to have a Star Wars guy, and I feel like his evil nature will throw everyone off in a way that'll make for interesting party dynamics. —Samuel Roberts


Game: Torchlight
Role: Economic adviser

Bartering is an essential skill in a good RPG. You’ve got to get bang for your buck when you’re slinging bags of loot you’ve stolen from a dungeon. Who better to take on that role than Torchlight’s excellent dog companion? At the push of a button he runs back to town, does some deals, and returns with the gold. Every party needs one. —Tom Senior

I suggested the Mabari War Hound from Dragon Age: Origins, but I can't deny his skills are more limited when it comes to economic advice. —Samuel Roberts