Conan Exiles Update 27

After a period of relative silence and minor updates, Funcom's Conan Exiles has received a major update #27. Apart from the additional options players now have when it comes to base building and siege warfare, the update also introduces the ability to battle avatars, a previously unstoppable force of destruction in the game.

Check out this trailer with the new features:

And now, an excerpt from the developer blog:

Defend yourself against a god

The first major change that are happening to the god avatar is the reduction of their offensive power. Before they could simply walk, fly or slither their way over any building and tear it all down in a few seconds. We have significantly toned down the amount of damage they will do by simply existing, and if you want to use an avatar to destroy someone’s buildings you will need to use their special attacks to do so.

Secondly we’re making avatars more vulnerable. Projectiles like the explosive glass orbs (more on those later), arrows and crossbow bolts, and siege boulders will now damage an avatar. Whenever an avatar takes damage a certain amount of its remaining summoning time will be removed. In practice this means that the more damage you do to an avatar the quicker it will disappear, so load up the trebuchets and bring those giants down!

Finally, we’re adding defensive domes that can defend your cities and valuables. These domes project out from your city’s altar under certain conditions:
  • It needs to be an altar of the highest tier
  • It needs an arch priest manning it
  • You need 500 manifestations of Zeal
Once all of this is in place you can activate two protective domes that will remain for approximately 36 hours. The outer, larger dome, is a barrier that will do damage against enemy avatars once they cross its threshold. The inner, smaller dome, shields whatever it surrounds from all kinds of projectile attacks, but players will still be able to walk through the. If an avatar touches this dome it will disappear immediately.