Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition Patch 3.1.3 and Future Plans

The newest entry on Beamdog's developer blog presents the 3.1.3 patch for Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition that focuses on bug fixing, and outlines Beamdog's plans for the near future.

Here's what you can look forward to:

Our team of translators have already started work on PST:EE in multiple languages including Czech, Ukrainian, Italian, and more! Because these are volunteer-driven projects, we do not currently have a release date for any new languages. The new Beamdog Localization Coordinator is currently assessing each of our translation projects on our other Enhanced Edition titles and as projects are completed, we’ll add them to upcoming patches.

Our fans on iOS will be pleased to hear that we’re aware of the notification you’ve all been seeing regarding 32-bit applications and can rest assured that we will have all of our Enhanced Edition games upgraded to 64-bit as part of our 2.4 patch series. The Beamdog team has already started on the 64 bit update for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition, and plans to address the same issue on Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition afterwards. Expect to see more details on these iOS patches later this summer.

Once the 2.4 patch series has been completed, we will bring those improvements to desktop and Android versions of BG:EE, BGII:EE, and IWD:EE alongside more bug fixes and feature requests submitted by the community, including Steam achievements for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition.

As we get further into development, fans who own Enhanced Edition games on Beamdog will be able to opt into available betas through the Beamdog Client. Beta availability will be announced on all of our social channels, so stay tuned!

And now for the patch notes:

Features Added
  • 64 bit Linux support
  • [Tablet-only] Additional font scaling range for graphics options
Bug Fixes
  • Cranium Rats spawn in fight with Many-as-One
  • Missing gate guard added back to the Foundry
  • Drusilla now realizes Ignus has been freed
  • Vrischika will now purchase the Portal Lens
  • Mantuok does not appear again after he is dead
  • Bonus Hit Points from CON continue to be granted after level 10
  • The Rearrange Party feature now works as it did in the original game
  • The "Linear scaling" box now controls linear scaling consistently whether using DirectX or OpenGL
  • "Eye" items with alignment restrictions no longer grant the player passive benefits when they shouldn’t
  • Exceptional strength 18/01 no longer shows as 18/1
  • Ravel's cutscene with TTO no longer stops before the end
  • Changing character class in an area now does not cause portal triggers to cancel out
  • The game does not end if TNO is killed in the Smoldering Corpse bar
  • Zoom Lock should no longer distort cinematic spells
  • The "Lost Item" feedback message now appears when TNO loses an item
  • Cutscenes return camera to the level of zoom they started in
  • Turning off "Critical Hit Screen Shake" in the baldur.lua file disables screen shake during critical hits
  • Right clicking joinable NPCs no longer produces selection sounds
  • Voice actor names have been corrected in the credits
  • Added default names to save games
  • The party can now get to the Pillar of Skulls when using single file formation
  • Dialogue about breaking out of prison does not happen if party isn't imprisoned
  • The GUI returns after Ravels death
  • Fixed Pestle Kiln’s missing textures
  • PST:EE supports loading M_*.lua files
  • Smooth Area Transitions should no longer reduces voice volume when arriving in a new area
  • Fixed the Lock View on Character tooltip so it does not overlap the button/arrow
  • Casting Chromatic Orb at night no longer leaves the screen green
  • Ice Knife's THAC0 penalty is now temporary
  • The level of zoom in the Shattered Crypt does not affect Lesser Vargouilles' spawning
  • Infernal Shield cannot be dispelled by quickload anymore
  • The Fog of War now reappears after Abyssal Fury is cast and the victim fails their saving throw
  • Stygian Ice Storm visuals have been fixed
  • Tricha in the Curst pit fight now runs
  • Silhouettes no longer appear during cutscene spells
  • Guardian Mantle does not last forever anymore
  • Morte's Litany of Curses now gets harder to resist as he learns new taunts
  • Using Guard should set the party to guard an area does not toggle the draw selection button anymore
  • Expanded the description for the Enable Cloud Saves option
  • The "Closing the Circle" achievement description in Korean typo has been fixed
  • The "N'joi Ts'Cai'Sotex" achievement now always fires when joining Chaosmen
  • The "How to play" page 4 arrow indicators have been swapped and now point to the correct button
  • Casting Abyssal Fury no longer freezes the game
  • Fixed a bug causing a crash on start on the Motorola Xoom MZ604
  • [French] Dialog with Fhjull is now fully translated
  • [French, German] Aegis of Torment description has been fully translated
  • [French] 'défilement' no longer contains a hyphen
  • [French] Quell is now translated consistently
  • [German, French] Fixed dialog errors in Lower Ward quests
  • [German] Typo fixes
  • [Korean] Translations suggestions and typo fixes added
  • [Non-English] Saving using the default name now works