The Age of Decadence Post-final Update Adds Modding Support

Not so long ago, Iron Tower Studio's RPG, The Age of Decadence received its final content update. Apparently, a developer's work is never done, because now we have a new update that adds modding support and a bunch miscellaneous improvements to the game. Here's the changelog:


What's done?
  • you can modify all scripts permanently or by copy-pasting modified files into mods\ folder
  • mod files are isolated and don't require overwriting game files;
  • individual mods can be enabled/disabled, mods can be loaded by categories (requires manual text file editing right now)
  • the mods will override any scripted functionality: combat formulas, scripted events, AI functions, etc. I.e. everything that is in *.cs files
  • theoretically you can override GUIs too, but we haven't tried yet.
What can be added:
  • loading new or overriding existing dialogues from mod folder
  • adding or modifying items (weapons, armor, etc) but not adding new in-game models
  • adding "Mods" tab to options menu, so players can enable / disable mods with GUI (this would take some time);
  • adding Steam Workshop support to share/download mods
  • overriding resource files - models, textures, sounds, etc. Torque (the engine) doesn't support it but we can probably tweak low-level Torque's resource loader to query module manager, which is a relatively big task, so we'll do it only if there's enough interest and not because there are no katanas in the game)
  • You can finally increase the font size.
  • Tweaked several fights to acomodate DR mechanics better.
  • Updated item descriptions with 'how to use' hints from DR.
  • Improved interaction with Maadoran merchants, including camera and visual preview of the special items.
  • Added special and scoped crossbows schematics to the 'ranged' trader in Maadoran.
  • Added an option to fast travel back to Glabrio after the fight in TG7.
  • You can buy the stone amulet from the old man near the Abyss.
  • Added the courtesan portrait in TG6.
  • Minor fixes and improvements in the Mountain Monastery.
  • Added a hotkey to Wait command (T).
  • Changed the hotkey for camera center to (V) and button in the bottom right corner.
Balance Changes
  • Changed axes' passive to higher critical strike damage.
  • Increased the SP cost to 5-10-10-20-20-30-30-35-40, increased the SP rewards.
  • Lowered the poison effect to 3-4-5-6-7 from 3-5-7-9-11.
  • Increased the potent poison's modifier to 4 from 2.
  • Tweaked Zagros armor and helmet stats.
  • Added more gold to the arena vendor.
  • Reduced bleeding from whirlwind to 3 from 4.
  • When you break the siege using the airship you can no longer ask Carrinas for help or have any issues in the TG questline.
  • Fixed issues with Daratan Liegeman and other ranks.
  • Fixed duplicated weapons in Shorty's inventory.
  • Fixed restorative liniment appearing as healing salve (strong).
  • Fixed acid's HP damage.
  • Fixed extra combat SP in any Maadoran combat after fighting the gate thugs with the mercenary.
  • Fixed the font size in the belt slots.
  • Fixed floor collision in the tower elevator.
  • Fixed the missing gold and weight text in alchemy screen.
  • Fixed TG and AG ambushes not triggering correctly.