Sega Plans to Revive Major IPs, Obsidian is Involved(Rumor)

During a recent business presentation, outlining their plans for the next three years, Sega announced a desire to expand existing IPs for North American and European PC games and revive some of their major IPs. A breakdown of this presentation is brought to us by Gematsu. Here's an excerpt:

A “major issue” Sega says it will tackle is to “create titles that will become global hits.” To do this, they plan on reviving past IPs and actively utilizing existing IPs, new IPs, and external IPs, and maximizing the value of said IPs by expanding development channels (mobile devices, PC, and game consoles) and regions of the respective IPs’ development for a global simultaneous release.

Now, the interesting part is Obsidian Entertainment's reaction to all this. In an official tweet we get a couple of cryptic lines that read, and I quote: “You don't say. What if...?”

This is intriguing, to say the least. Of course, it may well mean nothing at all, or it may mean a long-awaited continuation of Alpha Protocol, or something else entirely. We'll monitor the situation and bring you any updates if they come.