Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous Update #25

The latest development update for the retro-RPG Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous goes over a number of topics, such as artwork, music, and in-game backer content. Check it out:


Lots of work on physical feelies this month. Quest journals are now in production and expected to be finished by the end of May. Same goes for the remaining tavern dice and Realm Stones. Manufacturing and dealing with suppliers and logistics is definitely the more tedious side of this project, but we know the end result will be well worth it!


Our illustrator, Raf, is busy working on finishing up the remaining monster illustrations needed for our pen & ink bestiary. These will be completed over the course of the next several months and then the final manual can go to print. Here are two sample illustrations from his latest batch (Brainoid and Giant Wasp) along with one of our all-time favorites (Drunken Tavern Rats) which we shared via twitter before but are posting here for all our backers[.]


Right after we posted last month's update, Chris Huelsbeck sent us some new songs he was developing for Unknown Realm and wow! We are now more confident than ever that he was the right choice for this game. We think this soundtrack is going to be something special not only for fans of Chris, but also for fans of that highly melodic, old school RPG music that sticks in your head even when you are away from the game. This is exactly the kind of sound we were dreaming of for Unknown Realm and it's exciting to see it materialize thanks to Chris's magic. Just a reminder, you can support Chris and some of his other music on Patreon.

In-Game Backer Content:

Speaking of music, we also have in-game backer Bards! This month we started talking to our Bard level backers about creating music for their in-game NPCs. These guys are so great! It has been really fun working with them so far and they have taken to the task with great enthusiasm. We look forward to hearing what they come up with and putting their music into the Taverns of the Realm.

While going over Bard-related game dev, we've realized that we could actually use one more Bard because we wanted a roughly equal number of backer-created Bards & Tavern Owners - on that note, we have a surprise...

We're opening up an extra Bard tier on Megafounder! We will post it tomorrow (05/01/2017) on Megafounder around 3pm PST. Just like the Tavern which came up in February, it will be a one-off, first-come, first-serve, so get it while it's hot. :)