BloodLust 2: Nemesis Announced

A website that positively looks like the most post-Matrix 90s thing ever, announced the development of BloodLust 2: Nemesis, the sequel to 2015's BloodLust: Shadowhunter by WRF Studios. I have to admit, I've never heard about this series prior to this announcement, but from the looks of it, both games are vampire-themed Hack 'n' Slash RPGs of Dungeon Crawling variety, and the Steam rating for the first one is Very Positive.

So, what can we expect from the sequel? Have a look:


"After the Hunter killed an emperor to the east and destroyed an entire bloodline, the Council felt the playing field between the humans and the undead might be a little too even."

"They authorized the development of an experimental food source; a synthetic blood built from both alchemy and science. The project is funded and developed by the Taku Clan, under the codename NEMESIS. Neural Embryonic Morphing Experimental Synthetic Immune System something or other."

"I guess its supposed to be better than the real thing, I don't really know, I never touched it, since I prefer my blood warm and dirty."

"But I've seen its strength, replicating and enhancing the cells of the undead, allowing our species to morph into even stronger creatures, making us more monstrous than we already are."

  • Play as a Male or Female Vampire with Classes Including Witch, Thief or Warrior
  • Sire Others with your "Embrace" to Build your Family of Minions
  • Learn and Increase Vampire Disciplines, Skills, Talents and Attributes
  • Dynamic Loot and Procedurally Created Areas Create Infinite Replay-ability
  • Non-Linear World Allows Players to Follow Their Own Path and Quest Goals

And then, there's a gameplay trailer on YouTube: