Peter Molyneux Interview on IGN Unfiltered

Peter Molyneux, who recently started talking to the press again, has appeared on IGN's Unfiltered show. The first part of his interview talks about Molyneux's unfortunate experiences working with Microsoft's Kinect. Here's an excerpt:

"You know, Kinect... I'll be honest with you. It was a disaster," Molyneux said on the latest episode of our monthly interview show IGN Unfiltered.

"It was a trainwreck," he continued. "It started as this device which kind of could do everything itself. It didn't take up any processor power, the field of view could encompass the whole room. The audio on it, which no one really talks about, was originally supposed to be multi-sensing, it could sense where you were."

Molyneux went on to note that what Kinect ultimately turned out to be fell very far short of that original vision. "It ended up being none of those things," he said, highlighting how you had to sit in a very limited region for it to work. "Its promise... was so enormous. In fact, it reminds me a little bit of VR at the moment," he added.

According to Molyneux, the promise of a device that made if feel like your console could actually see you was "so big," but Kinect's "actual delivery of that promise fell so far short."

Additionally, the second part of the interview, available on IGN's YouTube channel, talks more about his more conventional games, such as Black & White and Fable: