CRPG Book Preview #5

The work on Felipe Pepe's CRPG Book, an ambitious project that aims to document the history of the CRPG genre, is progressing. A testament to that is the recent release of the final preview version of the book. It has 450 pages and mentions over 250 games. Quite a feat, if you ask me. You can peruse the PDF version of the book at your convenience.

Here's the intro, summarizing this preview version:

This is the final “alpha” of the CRPG Book Project, now reaching 450 pages! The next one will be the finished project, as all that’s really mission now are a few dozen reviews!

It took a while for it to get ready, as moving to Japan changed my life completely and left little free time durong the first months. But this gave me time to properly research computing history and finally finish the timeline, all the way from 1975 to 2015.

Other changes include updating older reviews, making sure each one has at least three screenshots, adding new articles on cancelled games, the history of the first JRPGs, a FAQ and the most requested of them all – hyperlinks! Now the developer quotes link directly to their online source, and all other references and download links were equaly updated.

A lot of new reviews were added, including big titles like Ultima VII, Wizardry VII, Fallout, Exile, Might and Magic VI, Dwarf Fortress, Dragon’s Dogma, etc. We’re over 250 games now, but sadly the pace I’m recieving new volunters & reviews has halted to a crawl. So, if you interested in helping, please visit us at or e-mail us: crpgbook[at]