The Surge Release Date, New Trailer

Dark Souls, the series that created a new sub-genre in action RPGs is supposedly coming to an end, and just as the countless generations of Chosen Undead had to compete with one another for the honor of rekindling the First Flame, a multitude of challengers aim for the position of the next big thing in Souls games already. We've recently had Samurai Dark Souls in Ni-Oh, and now we know exactly when the sci-fi Dark Souls from Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive, The Surge, will lay its claim to the throne. The game is getting released on May 16, 2017 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and you can preorder it on Steam for $44.99, or your regional equivalent.

Along with this announcement, the developers have released a new trailer filled with dubstep, robot suits, and a lot of heavyweight fighting. It's quite nice: