Chris Avellone Podcast Interview

During the recent GDC, Chris Avellone joined Kotaku's Splitscreen podcast to talk about his career. The end result is an informal chat touching on a variety of topics from all over the place. The rough release state of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords is mentioned and that leads to an interesting discussion about the publishers' role in game development, and how they are often seen as scapegoats for the missteps that occur during development. Alpha Protocol, and its dialogue system in particular, also got some attention.

Other than that, the podcast goes over MCA's work as a freelance writer, his writing process, and some universal tricks for building reactivity in games. Oh, and there's also a short segment on the mystery of who has the license to the No One Lives Forever franchise.

You can listen to the podcast with some Alpha Protocol footage in the background via the embedded video from YouTube: