Darkest Dungeon Blog Update: Radiant Mode and New Monsters

In a post on their website, Darkest Dungeon developers Red Hook Studios provided some details about the soon-to-be-released Radiant update, which will ask players to choose one of three modes upon creating a game: Radiant, Normal, or Stygian. According to the devs, Radiant mode isn’t meant to be an ‘easy’ mode, but rather to make it faster to build a roster and venture into the game’s eponymous dungeons.

The post also described one of the four new monsters that the Radiant update will spawn into your Champion Dungeons:

‘Several seasoned adventurers have whispered, gripping tankards of ale to hide shaking hands, that new horrors await in the deepest regions of the Ruins. The repulsive ranks of the malignant skeletons therein are said to rally around banner-bearers of extreme decrepitude. Theirs is a blasphemous and ensorceled flag whose presence in battle lends great strength and other unspeakable assistance to their damnable kin. These chittering fiends are even said to tap into the hoarish energies that animate the long-decayed corpses! A new threat whose grinding teeth and shuffling steps echo endlessly in the shadowy arcades of the ruined battlements…’

The Radiant Update is currently aimed for an early February release on PC/Mac/Linux, but focus on the update has pushed back ‘The Crimson Court’ DLC to an estimated April release.