Icewind Dale: ToEE Total Conversion Mod in Open Beta

In case you ever wanted to know what would happen if Infinity Engine games were truly turn-based, and possibly looked a whole lot like Troika Games' The Temple of Elemental Evil, you're in luck. You can now play through the entirety of Icewind Dale's Prologue chapter in The Temple of Elemental Evil's engine. This is just the Open Beta for the project's Demo version but the grand plan there is to have the whole game available eventually.

You can find instructions on how to install this mod on the Circle of Eight forums. An excerpt from the announcement post:

It [this modpack] will require installations of both ToEE AND Icewind Dale and of course the Co8 modpack (mostly for the Temple Frontend) to activate, and includes everything in the 8 patches preceding this modpack.

I'd like to open this up as an open Beta test version, will start a new thread for feedback and bug reports etc...

Thanks to everyone who has helped thus far.


This total conversion mod presents the entirety of Icewind Dale's Prologue chapter, all quests, NPC's dialogues and loot (some of which has been exchanged for alternative items), are present.

Included with this mod is a custom Icewind Dale portrait pack which may be activated in TFE-X once the module is activated, which also includes the IWD default adventuring party. Note that to use all 6 default players, you must play a Neutral Good party due to ToEE's party alignment restrictions.